Zing Zing

Zing Zing

Branding for a new Chinese take-away chain

Zing Zing aim to create the best Chinese takeaway in the world. The way to do this is by not acting anything like your regular Chinese takeaway. The industry has been heading down the wrong road for a number of decades. Low quality ingredients are rife, chemical additives are the core elements of most recipes and customer service is pretty much non-existent. The worst thing is that, as consumers, we pretty much expect it.

We wanted to create a unique brand that was unlike anything found on the high street. Whilst creating the brand identity, we had to think about how everything would look in-store and online. The main idea was to create a kitchen theatre for off-the-street customers to engage with. In addition to this, in order to encourage customers to order online, we created engaging social media content and a rewards for regulars scheme to earn freebies.

The name Zing Zing had already been decided, but it had no meaning. We decided Zing Zing is all about the flavour, taste and food quality. the logo follows this idea.

Zing Zing is the flavour.

Customers can collect stamps to earn freebies through a rewards for regulars scheme.

After opening the first store the company has been extremely successful and has successfully opened it’s second store within the year.

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